Other treatments

Smile Esthetics

An attractive, healthy and harmonious smile is perhaps the feature that most enhances the beauty and youthfulness of people. For this reason, we offer our patients a wide range of treatments that help to achieve dental aesthetics:

    • Aesthetic ceramic or porcelain veneers,
    • Aesthetic crowns without metal,
    • Orthodontic braces and aligners,
    • Laser teeth whitening,
    • Improvement of the contours and color of the gums.
    • Restoration of lip volume and definition
    • Elimination of perioral wrinkles (bar code).

Frequently Asked Questions

The most suitable materials for dental esthetics are those that allow translucency to be achieved. First of all, metals should be avoided in the structures of crowns and always look for white and biocompatible materials. The most commonly used materials are ceramics such as lithium disilicate and also dental zirconium, which in recent years has evolved in its composition to allow greater translucency, while being resistant to fractures. Treatments with resins or composites are more economical and may be esthetic at first, but they yellow over time and are prone to breakage.

Because the concentrations of the active ingredient used in the office is more powerful and also the treatment is activated with a specific LED light that is exclusively for professional use.