Dr Julián Cuesta

R&D in implantology

Julián Cuesta began his clinical activity in Implantology in 1990. At that time, dental implants were a very new and minority treatment, and many dentists had not yet implemented this dental rehabilitation technique in their practices. The fact of having followed as a professional all the evolution of Oral Implantology since its beginnings and having accumulated a long experience in this specialty, both in surgery and prosthetic rehabilitation of implants, led him to transfer this clinical knowledge to the industry. He thus participated in activities and projects of development and post-marketing clinical follow-up of the systems and collaborated in the performance of clinical studies. Specifically, from 1998 to 2008 he was Mentor for Europe and collaborator in development and training programs for the American company Biomet 3, and from 2008 he signed an R&D collaboration agreement with the French company Tekka.

The main milestones in his activity as a developer of implant systems have occurred since 2014 when he started the QUEST project and initiated the work of design, development and validation of an implant system that was launched on the market in 2018 under the brand name QUEST HYLOCK® (www.questimplants.com).

Dr. Cuesta also developed and patented in 2017 a dual fixation system on implants that allows the same prosthesis to be fixed in two ways (by screw or by clip) on the intermediate abutment. This system, marketed under the FixPeek® brand, not only greatly facilitates implant-supported restorations, especially in immediate loading, but also allows a prosthesis that until then could only be fixed to be removed according to the needs of the case, by the dentist and also by the patient himself (to improve hygiene and periodic check-ups, for example, and thus prevent possible inflammation or infections in the medium and long term). www.questimplants.com/fixpeek