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Bio-PRF Regeneration

The regeneration of human body tissues by means of infiltrates or grafts from the patient’s own blood plasma has indisputable applications and advantages.

The advantages over other surgical procedures for bone or soft tissue regeneration are:

    • Simpler and less painful grafting technique compared to harvesting tissue from the palate or bone from other areas of the body. 
    • Greater efficiency and more predictable results.
    • Better and more comfortable postoperative recovery.
    • More economical procedure.
    • Highly physiological procedure.
    • Considerable shortening of healing and regeneration time.

The applications of PRF (plasma rich in fibrin/growth factors) from the patient’s own blood are very numerous, since they favor and enhance considerably the regenerative capacity of the organism itself. By injecting or grafting a concentrate of growth factors from the patient’s own blood in a specific treatment area, what we are doing is physiologically multiplying the natural regenerative activity just where it is needed.

Applications in dental surgery:

  • In any oral surgery, if we wish to enhance the results or accelerate them.
  • In regenerative surgeries when there is a lack of bone to place implants.
  • In gum regeneration and periodontal disease treatments.

Applications in peribucal and facial aesthetics:

Rejuvenation and aesthetic improvement of the peribuccal area (lips, bar code).

Rejuvenation and improvement of facial skin. The infiltration and microneedling of blood PRF, popularly known as vampire lifting, stimulates the physiological production of collagen and restores to mature skin the luminosity, strength and smoothness of a young skin without resorting to fillers of synthetic materials.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is not painful, it is similar to the extractions that are carried out to perform analytical tests. On the other hand, the postoperative period tends to be more comfortable and faster due to the regenerative factors of the concentrate itself, which accelerate the healing and scarring processes.

PRF differs from PRP in that the concentrate obtained is not mixed with anticoagulant and therefore it can be said to be more physiological as it has no added foreign substances. The results also vary, with PRF being generally more effective, since the anticoagulant used in PRP interferes with the coagulation chain that must be reactivated once grafted.

PRP is useful in gum regeneration treatments because, being much less aggressive, it presents similar results than the other alternative, which would be the grafting of connective tissue normally extracted from the patient’s palate, so we simplify the process making it also less uncomfortable and painful.