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We call periodontium to the gums and the soft tissue that surrounds the dental roots and serves as an insertion in the maxillary bone. Maintaining the health of these soft tissues that protect the anchorage in the bone of the dental pieces is fundamental for their long life.

There is no oral health without a healthy periodontium. Bleeding, swollen or receding gums are an unmistakable sign that the jawbone that supports our teeth is unprotected and can be damaged. Inflammation or chronic infections of the gums cause bone loss that can be slowed down, although the lost bone will never recover, so these are situations that must be stopped in time to avoid major problems such as the progressive mobility of the pieces and their loss.

The periodontal treatments that we offer in our practice have a double approach:

  • Medical periodontics (control of the oral flora by microposcopy, antibiotherapy, hygiene, scaling, curettage), and
  • Surgical periodontics (periodontal surgery).

Frequently Asked Questions

Gum recession, bleeding, inflammation, redness, bad breath are warning signs to watch out for.

Good hygiene, preferably with an electric toothbrush and irrigator, regular visits to the dentist, stop smoking.

Because it is progressive and can lead to bone loss that causes the mobility of teeth and their loss, in addition to causing multiple general health problems, since it is a chronic infection and inflammation…