Advanced Surgery and Sinus Lift

Small group theoretical-clinical course and/or clinical stays on demand

In our daily practice there are many patients with bone deficiencies that make implant treatment difficult. To solve complex cases we need to know the biological mechanisms of bone regeneration, the various biotechnological materials that we have at our disposal today and above all, the different surgical techniques that have been revealed through clinical experience as safe, reliable and predictable.

The proper use of all these elements will allow us to approach the most complex clinical cases in a responsible manner.

Course Content

  • Guided bone regeneration. Biological mechanism.
  • Classification of bone defects.
  • Post-extraction, immediate and deferred implants.
  • Membranes. Different types and their applications.
  • Implants in a single surgical phase.
  • Grafting materials. Detailed study.
  • Autologous bone. Donor sites. Procurement technique.
  • Maxillary sinus elevation. Via Cadwell-Luc and by osteotomes.
  • PRF. Brief practical analysis.
  • Block grafts. Procurement and indications.
  • Atrophic maxilla. Different treatment options.