Immediate Loading & All on 6 / All on 4

Small group theoretical-clinical course and/or clinical stays on demand

Immediate loading procedures are a key tool to achieve good esthetics and to shorten the time of implant treatments.

In addition to solving the problem of the provisional prosthesis, they help in the maintenance, shaping and maturation of the soft tissues around the implant emergencies, so that once the osseointegration time has elapsed, the tissues will already be perfect for taking measurements and making the definitive prosthesis.

On the other hand, the patient will no longer be in the usual hurry to restore his implants, since he has a temporary prosthesis from the first minute, and in this sense, we gain time and peace of mind when performing the necessary prosthetic tests for a good final result.

In addition, and due to the high primary stability provided by the latest implant designs, we can make cases of immediate loading of the implants and simultaneously undertake the vestibular bone regeneration around them. The immediate fixed prosthesis remains above the area where osseointegration, bone regeneration and soft tissue shaping are performed simultaneously.

The times are shortened, the surgeries are transformed into a single one, and the patient has a very high comfort from the first moment, but above all, the final result is better. There is better osseointegration quality, more BIC, better gingiva around the abutments and better integration of the definitive prosthesis.

Course contents

  • Primary stability: key factor in immediate loading.
  • Immediate loading procedures: how and when to apply them.
  • PRF applications in immediate loading.
  • Extractions, preparation for immediate or deferred implant.
  • Immediate implant placement in single teeth and full arches.
  • Resolving unfavorable emergencies.
  • All on four and All on six procedures.
  • Ensuring passive fit in immediate loading of screw-retained prostheses.
  • Immediate loading with simultaneous bone and soft tissue regeneration in single teeth and full arch restorations.