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Facial Aesthetics

In our practice we have a long experience in venipuncture and blood extraction for the in situ elaboration of PRF (plasma rich in growth factors). This concentrate is frequently used for dental surgical treatments, but it also has applications, with a more fluid texture, in the field of facial aesthetics.

The facial PRF treatment achieves significant improvements in the tone, smoothness and quality of the epidermis and has a great rejuvenating effect of lifting without surgery, being also an absolutely physiological and natural procedure.

This fluid concentrate can be injected through microinjections (microneedling or vampire lifting) and also at a deeper level through small intradermal cannulas that also allow restoring volumes combined with hyaluronic acid and making minimal incisions. It is an ideal way to take advantage of the body’s regenerative abilities to compensate for the effects of aging and maintain a healthy and youthful skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without a doubt, and they will enhance each other’s effects. Excellent results can be obtained by combining PRF with hyaluronic acid or vitamin injections. They can also be combined with treatments such as radiofrequency and laser… PRF, being a concentrate obtained from the patient’s own blood, does not have any type of contraindication nor can it generate unnatural or artificial effects.

They can be visible for six months to a year depending on each person.

Three sessions with a space of one month between them are usually useful in the initial treatment. Subsequently, annual or biannual maintenance sessions can be scheduled in general.