The clinic

Our Values

A global approach to dental health

Since 1999 when we inaugurated our Aesthetic Implantology Clinic in Bilbao and opened our website, we have been guided by an approach to dental treatment that at the time was contrary to the trend of the time and that over time has proved to be correct.

Many specialists in implantology, when the specialty was at the forefront, opted for hyperspecialization (there were exclusive surgeons and exclusive prosthodontists, often located in separate clinics). We defended even then that a comprehensive knowledge of the specialty was essential, so that to be a good implantologist you had to have clinical knowledge of prosthodontics and vice versa. With this idea of practicing comprehensive dentistry of the highest quality, Aesthetic Implantology was born and we are still working on it.

The vision and global approach to the treatments and needs of our patients has always been our hallmark. Therefore, we have the clinical experience necessary to detect, treat, solve and prevent any dental health problem of our patients, as well as to improve their esthetics.


Biocompatibility of treatments and materials

The evolution of dentistry in terms of materials and treatments has been spectacular in recent decades. Therefore, another of our concerns has been to closely follow this evolution in order to discard treatments or materials that were conventional at the time but no longer meet the demands of today’s dentistry and medicine.

Biocompatibility is one of these requirements. We do not use materials made from non-noble metals and we are committed to the use of zirconium in all our prostheses to replace traditional metal alloy structures.

Since 2005 we only work with metal-free ceramics and highly biocompatible materials.

This same criterion has also led us to resort to the human body’s own reparative capacity. In bone or soft tissue regeneration treatments we use with absolute priority the best natural resource at our disposal: stem cells obtained from the patient himself.

PRF (Plasma Rich in Fibrin) procedures allow us to improve the results in many surgeries and have an amazing capacity to rejuvenate and improve our skin or our gums and lips being totally physiological and natural.


More than 25 years of clinical experience

We use the latest technologies and materials but we do not neglect the value of the professional’s hands and know-how. Knowledge and practice are only obtained and perfected through years of professional practice and dedication. We are proud to be able to offer all our patients the value of more than 25 years of clinical experience in Implantology, as well as in other dental specialties.

This experience is what ultimately, beyond the technical means, allows us to offer the patient safety, comfort, durability and confidence.